Slant 6 Chrysler

Aussiespeed Slant 6 Chrysler 2 barrel and 4 barrel intake manifold models plus Dutra Duals and tubular Aussiespeed headers

The Long Runner Aussiespeed Hurricane is slightly shorter than the Chrysler Hyper Pack manifold in length and port and runner volume. While it looks like a race car manifold its port and runner volume is more suited to a mild to hot street car. Aussiespeed has made a big investment to the Slant 6 engine and has continued to develop performance products for the slant 6 as well as a range of engine dress up. The Aussiespeed range extends to both long and short runner manifolds to suit both 2 barrel, 4 barrel and multi carburetor set ups.

AS0199 Aussiespeed Slant 6 2 piece short runner intake manifold.




AS0570 Slant 6 Aussiespeed 2 Barrel manifold.

AS0299 Short runner tall plenum Slant 6 Aussiespeed manifold 4 barrel

AS0470 Low plenum Aussiespeed Slant 6 manifold 4 barrel

AS0023 Aussiespeed Hurricane 2 barrel long runner manifold.

AS0024 Long runner Aussiespeed 4 barrel intake manifold

AS0042-AS0139 Dual 4 barrel Slant 6 intake manifold.

AS0042 Aussiespeed manifold Slant 6 suit Weiand 142 supercharger

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