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The Aussiespeed AS0023 Slant 6 Chrysler 2 barrel intake manifold is used by Mopar owners world wide.

Close to even length intake runners and the extended distance from the carburettor plenum to the cylinder head gives a ram effect.

aussiespeed hyperpak 2v manifold slant 6

This manifold gives gains in many areas and users of the manifold have found a smoother idle and higher reading in manifold vacuum numbers a boost in torque from idle to 4500 + rpm and depending on cylinder head and camshaft mods the manifold will perform far higher in the rpm range.

The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

If you want a 2 barrel manifold that delivers a very broad power band, big increase in torque, easier to tune than other after market intake manifolds, the AS0023 is well worth considering.

The Aussiespeed Slant 6 intake manifolds have a runner length of around 15 from the head face to the outer carburettor pad mounting.

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