AS0170RED Slant 6 Gloss Red Aussiespeed Alloy Rocker Cover With Satin Fins pic


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Aussiespeed sand cast aluminium hand polished slant 6 Chrysler finned rocker cover.

Aussiespeed Valiant slant 6 powder coated red aluminum rocker cover with satin finished fins.

The slant 6 alloy rocker cover suits both 170 and 225 engines for better oil mist control on both the PCV and oil filler end.

Aussiespeed valve covers have a cast breather baffle that is part of the rocker cover so there is no plates, no screws or rivets inside the cover to control oil fumes.

The Aussiespeed slant six valve covers will fit both left and right hand drive cars as we have changed the angle of the cover to clear brake master cylinders.

The Aussiespeed slant six alloy valve cover has an internal height measurement of around 90mm

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