AS0470 Aussiespeed Short Runner 4 Barrel Manifold Slant 6 225 Low Mount


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As Aussiespeed has developed our range of manifolds we have taken on board feedback from enthusiasts as to what they want as far as products and performance gear for slant six engines.

build a slant 6

While working with an engine builder on a blow through super charger project hood clearance became a problem. Having a slant 6 that had a blow through supercharger and also a port type fogger nitrous kit fittedĀ the problem was the AS0299 with its extended plenum left no room for the blow through hat that was mated up to the side mount supercharger.

short runner slant 6 manifold aussiespeed

The AS0470 with its ultra low mount may require carburettor linkages to be modified. It has a multi drilled north/south and east/west bolt patten for a squarebore carburettor.

hot slant 6 performance

The manifold has a runner length including the plenum from the cylinder head flange to the widest point of the manifold of 30cm.

as0040 aussie speed headers

Aussiespeed short runner AS0470 intake manifold fitted to a race car in the USA, It’s great to see our products being used by racers overseas



A fully plumbed nitrous oxide injected 225 Slant six Chrysler engine using an AS0470 intake manifold. The bottle fed slant uses both direct port and a plate system. The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

holley-sniper-225 valiant-slant-6
Aussiespeed manifold fitted with Holley sniper EFI throttle body kit.
gill welding slant 6 fuel injection
EFI Slant 6 fuel injection systems are available from Gill Welding TN USA.

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