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WOW was the reaction we got in 2009 when we sent the Aussiespeed AS0024 to a few engine shops to try, this total new style and design of manifold gave great increases to the “225 tower of power”.

With a few revisions in 2016, it was kindĀ of like a 7 year itch. The AS0024-16 has undergone a few changes cosmetically. It will now accept carbs mounted in both North South & East West.

not clifford slant 6 manifold

The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

slant 6 manifold long runner

With the manifold being one of the most popular slant 6 manifolds ever made and has been exported to many countries around the world.

high performance slant 6 engine

Some mods may be required to mount your carb in the sideways position. Carb linkages may foul the intake manifold. We suggest you check before bolting it up incase any metal needs to be removed.

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Dont forget our air filters and other dress up gear for your Slant 6.

This manifold includes features that have lead us to become pioneers in the search for more power from Slant 6 engines. Fuel injection or nitrous oxide bosses that are part of the casting, six very long close to even length intake runners, central mounted carburettor plenum with runners feeding from either end. Optional water heated box can be mounted to assist cold climates engine start up.

high performance slant 6

Proudly Australian designed and Australian made. The Aussiespeed Slant 6 Hurricane intake manifolds have a runner length of around 15″ from the head face to the outer carb pad mounting flange make it fit most engine bays in US slant 6 and Australian built and powered slant six vehicles.

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