Ford 300 4.9L Big 6 Aussiespeed Supercharger Blower Manifold AS0240


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Ford big 6 owners now have a new manifold option when it comes to upgrades on there 240. 300 or 4.9L Ford inline 6 cylinder. Aussiespeed has used the technology, expertise  and knowledge that has been acquired to develop intake manifolds for some of the worlds most popular hot rodded 6 cylinder engines in the all new Big 6 design.

The all new Aussiespeed AS0240 supercharger manifold is currently available as a pre order. The manifold is supplied with the head surface machined and drilled and the supercharger pad is decked but supplied UN DRILLED so you can fit and align your own choice of supercharger. There is a  fitting in number 6 intake runner thread is 1/4 NPTThere is a 2 barrel version also available part number AS0524 for those wanting to run a 350 or 500 cfm 2V carburettor, plus AS0142 a 4 barrel version.

Length from head to carb pad at widest point 287mm

The supercharger pictured above is an 8/71 Blower Shop supercharger with an owner fabricated adapter to fit an Aussiespeed Barra manifold that also has the same blower pad foot print as the AS0240 Ford 300 Supercharger manifold. NOT THE BLOWER PAD IS MACHINED FLAT BUT IS NOT DRILLED. This manifold is for the DIY guys wanting to build there own super charger kit.



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