Ford 240, 300 4.9 Inline 6 Tall Aluminium Valve Cover Polished finish


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Ford big 6 owners have been asking for a taller than the standard valve cover, the factory pressed tin cover had an internal height of around 70mm, the tall finned aluminium Aussiespeed valve cover has a height of just over 85mm and also has the advantage of cast in funnel style internal breather shrouds.  Also if running Harland Sharp roller rockers and some factory rockers an additional 25mm of the inner cone style breather needs to be machined off.


This valve cover due to the thicker base flange and additional wall thickness will not use standard holdown bolts. We have found that a socket head cap screw that use an allen head drive work the best.

valve cover baffle

The breather baffle is cast into Aussiespeed valve covers, this should not be completely removed as without there is no oil control for pcv valve or oil cap,  We recommend plasticine to work out clearance if needed and only remove minimal material.

4 barrel manifold

Ford 4.9L fitted is our polished valve cover and 4 barrel Ford 4.9 300 intake manifold.

aluminum-valve-cover-4.9 ford 6

Ford 300 fitted with our Aussiespeed polished valve cover and side cover.


$.9L big 6 fitted with both valve cover and sideplate


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