AS0044/AS0574 Chevy Inline 6 Cylinder 2 Barrel 4 Barrel Intake Manifold


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Chevy 230 250 292 inline 6 performance manifold that will allow the fitment of either a 4 barrel or 2 barrel 2300 series Holley 350, 500 and other 2 barrel carbs sharing the same bolt pattern. This unique designed 4 barrel performance inlet manifold offers high velocity port runners, divided centre plenum allowing for even flow to all runners. The manifold is machined and drilled to accept either forward facing or sideways mounting carburettors.

chevy 6 inline 2 barrel manifold

With the AS0574 adapter you have thew option of mounting your 2 barrel carb or EFI throttle body in a forward position.

the best inline chevy intake manifold

The manifold and 2 barrel adapter allows for sideways east west carb mounting with no additional machining. How ever some extra clearancing on carb flange may be required. The taller plenum we have found offers optimum performance across a wide rev range. The plenum can be machined lower for hood clearance. The manifold has one 3/8 NPT vacuum fitting take off drilled in the rear of the manifold for brake booster or auto transmission take off.

250 chevy l6 manifold

Quick Fuel 450 Slayer mount in traditional position.

not a clifford manifold

The Aussiespeed Chevy L6 manifold is also drilled to mount the Carburettor sideways.

The dual bolt pattern pattern accepts Square bore Holley, Quick Fuel, Edelbrock Carburettors from 390 to 850 in both forwards and sideways mounting. The plenum floor is designed to catch fuel drop and re introduce it as air speed increases.The plenum has a divider placed in the plenum to lengthen the centre runner and reduce plenum volume .The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

Chevy 4 barrel Aussiespeed manifold fitted with AS0115 air cleaner and Quick Fuel Slayer carb.


The Aussiespeed manifold measured from the port face to the outer of the carburetor pad at the longest point.

how wide is an aussiespeed manifold

Cylinder 5&6 runner length from the port face to the carburettor pad.

230,250,292 chevy intake 4v

Runner 1 & 2 measured from the cylinder head face out.


chevy 250 performance engine

With a standard style air cleaner adapted it can give a standard factory look.