AS0302 Ford 289 302 SBF Windsor IDF Quad Manifold


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Aussiespeed® Ford 289 302 Ford Windsor 4x IDF Weber intake manifold.


Ford 302 Windsor fitted with Aussiespeed AS0302-23 Quad manifold and fitted with Jenvey IDF look fuel injection

This manifold is a sand cast inlet manifold that is cast and machined in Australia.  The manifold does not require adapters to bolt carbs or IDF throttle bodies to the manifold as it is machined for them to be bolted straight on.

When the manifold was developed and designed after talking to the experts, we got the same feedback that the carbs all face the same way so all tuning and carb changes could be done from one side of the engine so no complex linkages to set up and keep synchronized.

ford windsor 4x idf weber aussiespeed-manifold

Solid section and under gasket size port faces so the engine builder can get port positioning where they want it.  The manifold can be machined lower to drop the carbs down if required by engine builder.

ford 289 302 quad weber intake Aussiespeed

Available also is part number AS0585 also fits Ford 289/302 Windsor engines and suits IDA Weber carbs.


351W Windsor guys we haven’t forgotten you as an intake for Quad Webers is also under development.


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