AS0216R Aluminium Valve Cover Briggs & Stratton Model 12 Raw Finish


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Go kart and Mini Bike Aussiespeed raw shot blasted finish smooth valve cover. Suits Briggs & Stratton Animal, Briggs and Stratton World Formula and will also fit 206 Intek engines.

The cast aluminium tall valve cover will accept roller rockers

will require a breather hole to be drilled in the position you require to suit your application.

The gasket mating surface is machined flat and the 4 retaining bolt holes are drilled.

The sand cast material the rocker cover is made from can be easily drilled, threaded taped or even have additional outlets welded to it.

You should always try to keep the breather on the upper section of the valve cover preferably to the side away from direct rocker oil sling.

Aussiespeed offers the largest range of small engine dress up available from one manufacturer.

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