AS0026P Aussiespeed V8 351C Ford Cleveland Finned Polished Valve Covers


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Aussiespeed Ford V8 Cleveland 302, 351, 400C, 351M, 400M tall valve covers are sand cast in Australia. The valve cover gasket face is thick and will not twist and warp like other die cast imports.

ford v8 cleveland valve covers

Our rocker covers are taller than standard covers and angle towards the centre of the valley cover to give more room for valve train components. Aussiespeed valve covers have a cast in cone style baffle for oil control on both the oil filler and crank case vent.

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The angle on which the covers are cast does not only increase the height but actually tilts the inside edge of the cover almost over centre to allow for big tip roller rockers.

hotrod ford v8 valve covers

The old school period style cooling fins give a great 1950s and 1960s period look. The approximate height of the covers sitting on a flat surface is 125mm tall side, 85mm low side. Aussiespeed valve covers are supplied with rubber grommets for oil cap and a PCV valve. No other hardware is included.

Supplied with grommets for oil cap and PCV, no additional hardware included.

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